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Best Token Mechanics & Deflationary System

Meta (M) is a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain. What we built is a perpetual deflationary system, the (M) Token allows a constant price increase with a sufficient burning mechanism. We are not trying to replace the other exchanges but want to add value into the eco-system and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to yield farm with safe and high returns.

Our unique burning mechanism will increase the token price constantly. 2% burning fee will be charged at staking. We hope to create a smooth and valuable experience for all. Earn (M) while staking other Meta Verse coins. Our Core Mission will be focusing on the use case between virtual and real property harnessing the power of NFT`s and block chain. As we establish ourselves this will come to light. Follow us for great things to come in the future.

Dev Team   -   Founders Meta-(M)
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Inner Workings
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Built On Binance Smart Chain

BSC was born in time for the DeFi revolution, as the public showed increased interest in alternative financial solutions and use cases powered by block chain.

Use Case

Our Token is the backbone of our DEX. Project owners can list their projects alongside (M) Token to create a liquidity pool for other traders.

Full Protection

We removed the migrator code found in most Dex smart contracts.

Fiat Gateway

We know Crypto will replace fiat one day. For now people need a way to easly move tokens from onchain to fiat. We will have our own gateway in the near future.

Secure Wallets

Meta Mask, Binance and Trust Wallet already support our token. You can simply import it. We are waiting for verification so that it would no longer be needed to import the token, it will be there by default.

Easy To buy & Sell

We have our own Dex. Our liquidity pairs are created with our own smart contracts. We do however use pancake swap routers to enable easy token trade between any crypto` s.

Meta (M) Distribution

Our Token (M) Meta-M can be obtained from our own DEX.

10 000,000 100%
Total Distribution
M Burned
Pending Burn
Next Token M Burn Event
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Next Emissions Reduction 0.20/0.19

Reduction in rewards will take place every 60 days. Emissions will reduce yield rewards so the value of M can grow. We do an assessment every 60 Days and calculate what needs to be done according to market conditions. Voting protocol will be introduced once contract has been renounced..

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Why Token (M)

I have been in the space since 2017. If you head over to our twitter page you will see it was launched some years back. Binance made it truly possible to create a project like ours. Personally I suffered losses from yield farms and coins that RUGGED pulled. We will do our best to prevent financial risks to our clients by ensuring all projects are authenticated. We are planning to build an entire brand behind the project. So at least 1 big event will happen every month. Be part of the MetaVerse .. WE ARE M.

  • 15 X

    Yield % Increase

  • 18 Pairs

    Yield Farms

  • 100 % Uptime

    Staking and Farming

  • 643

    New Wallets

Growing Global Network

Our network is growing everyday, we are now listed on many platforms

  • 17+

    Dexes Listed

  • 18+

    Trading Pairs

Get (M) Now Add (M) to your MetaMask

Road Map

These events will be done going forward. We will do our best to stick to the time lines.

  • April 2022
    Dex Launch (Completed)

    We launched and we are busy with token distribution. (Completed)

  • May 2022
    CMC Listing(Completed)

    Listed on Coinmarketcap

  • June 2022
    NFT Store(Completed)

    Top talent from the web will be able to earn royalties for each and every sale done

  • July 2022
    Metaverse Project Partners

    We will start excepting our MetaVerse trading partners on the Dex.

  • August 2022
    Bridging over block chains

    Expanding the eco-system over into other major block chains.

  • December 2022
    Team Break

    We will be back after December with 2023 plans

  • January 2023
    Tokenized Property Solutions

    We launch our brick and mortar MetaVerse NFT system. This is our flagship project. More details will follow.

  • February 2023

    Mentions and Deadline for these task / CMC Listing / 3 Exchange Listings / IFO Platform / V3 Payment Router.

  • October 2023
    Meta Base

    Design an implement contracts with metabase(Our own Meta Property Database).

  • November 2023
    Fiat Gateway/Payment Card

    Partnership must be completed by this time. I am not flexible on this one.

Project Leaders

We will be adding more developers and staff. Keep an eye out for openings.

Frequently asked questions

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read our website. we hope to see you staking and farming on our Dex.

M is a Token built on BSC Network. It functions as the main trading token for our Dex.
Decentralized Exchange. One token or coin can be traded for another without a 3rd party in the middle. P2P
Our contracts were compiled from approved and audited sources. We will have our own systems audited every year.
Off course, we have very high APY staking and yield farming systems in place where you can earn money.
We want to bring major and smaller MetaVerse projects under our umbrella. We have the (M) in MetaVerse
We want to give new and old crypto users a safe space to interact with the crypto wildwest.
All major chains MetaVerse projects will be welcome here. We will make it happen.
We are a dedicated team. All 4 partners with their own expertise. One in NFT, One in Blockchain, One in Finance, One in Marketing

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